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01.10.2014Gjermund Larsen Trio präsentiert sein neues Album Reise in Deutschland und auf der Womex in Santiago de Compostela
26.09.2014Jazz Around The World startet die Herbstsaison im PUC Puchheim mit der Band Duck Tape Ticket
22.08.2014Jagun präsentiert neues Video zum Song "Melancholy" aus dem aktuellen Album "Camburi"
20.08.2014Al Andaluz Project präsentiert das neue Album „Salam“ an 6 Terminen in Deutschland und Österreich
23.07.2014Jagun präsentiert ihr neues Album im Herbst 2014

   Al Andaluz Project: Salam
Price: 17.95 €
Cat-Nr.: GMC059
Format: CD
In Stock. Possible shipping date for Germany: 29.10.2014
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King Crimson
Starless – Limited Edition Boxed set Cat-Nr.: KCCBX6
Price: 155.00 €
Magic Kamancheh (4 CD + DVD) Cat-Nr.: GMV037
Price: 26.00 €
Miguel Rivera
Paseo de ensueno Cat-Nr.: KAR7738
Price: 18.95 €
Hörbarium Cat-Nr.: PROGFOLK01
Price: 18.95 €
Robert Fripp / Travis, Theo
Discretion Cat-Nr.: GYRSP2

Travis & Fripp has, in recent years, become one of the most familiar & durable of the many duo collaborations involving Robert Fripp. Discretion is their fourth joint recording to be issued. It features material drawn from concerts in Cornwall, Barcelona & Rome  - all recorded to hi-res multi-track – with minimal studio overdubs prior to being mixed down to hi-res stereo. The album is presented in a two disc CD/DVD-A format in a digi-pack at a special price enabling the music to be heard, as intended, in hi-res audio form on the DVD-A (playable on all dvd players), with a CD also included for conventional disc players.

Travis & Fripp’s music moves from the small-scale and intimate through to an epic grandeur that’s filled with blissful reverie and on occasion, a mournful reflection. A masterclass in empathy, invention and vision Discretion is the sound of two musicians acting with one voice. The album also features two additional audio tracks previously only available in video format, including the stunning “Rhapsody On The Theme From Starless” – an improvisation based on one of the most revered King Crimson tracks in the band’s 45 year history.

Theo Travis’ profile has been a member of Steven Wilson’s band, most recently appearing on “The Raven That Refused To Sing” & the subsequent world tour supporting that release.

Price: 18.95 €
Robert Fripp / Eno, Brian
Live in Paris Cat-Nr.: DGM3101

Much bootlegged, though never heard in even reasonable audio quality, this concert – one of a handful undertaken for Fripp & Eno in 1975 – is routinely described as “legendary”. Hearing the tapes in fully restored audio quality, it’s easy to understand why it attracts such reverence now & perhaps, why the shows attracted such hostility then. No Roxy Music hits, No King Crimson riffs, just a duo sitting in near darkness with a reel to reel tape recorder, improvising over the pre-recorded loops with a filmed background projection. Replace the reel to reel machine with a couple of laptops/iPads/sequencers & the core of much current live performance from electronica to hip-hop was there some thirty years in advance. At the time, audiences responded to such a glimpse of the future with booing, walkouts & general confusion.

Thanks to the discovery & restoration of the original backing tapes, it was possible – with much painstaking restoration work by Alex Mundy at DGM – to isolate, de-noise & match the live elements from the performance tapes to the studio loops to produce the final recording.

Price: 21.99 €
Cahalen & Country Hammer Morrison
The Flower of Muscle Shoals Cat-Nr.: DIRT-CD-0071
  The Flower of Muscle Shoals, the debut full-length album from Cahalen Morrison and Country Hammer, is a sparkling country gem from front to back. After releasing several recordings as part of acclaimed old-time duo Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, Morrison has further embraced the country music that shaped his youth. While offering up the comforting sounds of country and western’s roots, the album plays more like a new classic than a dusty Nashville relic; glimmers of influence from the days of Hank Williams all the way to Dwight Yoakam pepper the album’s twelve tracks. Morrison’s commanding vocals steer listeners through the expansive landscape of his songwriting, marked by the subtle, yet striking truths he conveys with poetic ease. The Flower of Muscle Shoals lilts and swings through graceful arrangements of guitars, pedal steel, fiddle, bass and percussion, with a rich texture and genuine approach that is sure to rouse any fan of country and old-time music.
Price: 17.95 €
Afrodisian Orchestra
Satierismos Cat-Nr.: YOUKALI025
Price: 18.95 €
Gjermund Trio Larsen
Reise Cat-Nr.: GMC062
  Fiddler Gjermund Larsen (b. 1981) was already an experienced and highly sought-after musician by the time he was awarded the New Artist Prize and a recording contract by the record company Grappa in 2007. This gave him the opportunity to make his first record with the other two members of his trio, Andreas Utnem (piano/harmonium) and Sondre Meisfjord (double bass). Together they have created a truly distinctive style combining elements of chamber jazz, bluegrass, baroque music and contemporary music. Gjermund Larsen writes all the trio"s music, and his sense of melody and form are very much evident on this new album. The trio have a steadily growing audience outside of Norway, too, and will be playing more concerts abroad in the coming years.
Price: 17.95 €
Nahadin Cat-Nr.: ZEP019
  Hijaz is a multi-ethnic group based around the dialogue between the oud and the piano. Hijaz is an Arabic musical scale but also holds a clear reference to jazz. Where Arabic music is the starting point, jazz is the open attitude towards diverse musical cultures. Musically Nahadin is the next step for Hijaz. Loosing all boundaries, all grip, Hijaz dulges into Music. No more verse, chorus and bridge, just organic music that flows like water and enchants the listener.
Price: 18.95 €

Older releases:
Lucia Martinez / Cuarteto: De Viento y de Sal - Bergen Big Band / John Surman: Another Sky - Jose Juan Martinez: Danza del desierto - Jorge Pardo: Historias de Radha y Krishna - Buda Folk Band: Magyar világi népzene - Antonio Castrignano: Fomenta - William White: Open Country - Felix Lajko: Mezö - Field - Eva Jagun: Camburi - Rainer & Trio Solano Seiferth: Viento Adentro

Al Andaluz Project
22.10.2015: Waldkraiburg, Haus der Kultur
23.10.2015: Ansbach, Ansbacher Kammerspiele
24.10.2015: Nauhof bei Leipzig, Altes Kranwerk
25.10.2015: Bremen, Schlachthof
Aranda, Mara & Solatge
27.11.2014: Bad Hersfeld, Buchcafe
28.11.2014: Bielefeld, Stadtbibliothek
05.12.2014: Syke, JFK
07.12.2014: Dresden, Dreikönigskirche
09.12.2014: Zürich, Folkclub Züri
14.11.2014: Leipzig, Nato
15.11.2014: Ueckermünde
Fei Scho
10.01.2015: München, Fraunhofer
15.01.2015: Ingolstadt, Neue Welt
17.01.2015: Sonthofen, Sonthofer Kulturwerkstatt
14.11.2015: Bühl, Schüttekeller
Iven, Miguel
02.11.2014: Hamburger Gitarrenfestival
15.11.2014: Gitarrentage Dresden, Kulturrathaus Dresden
Knecht, Edgar
14.11.2014: Saarbrücken, Domicil Leidinger
15.11.2014: Gießen, Hessisches Jazzpodium
16.11.2014: Meschede, Alte Synagoge
25.09.2015: Bad Kissingen, Bismarck's Basement
Larsen, Gjermund Trio
13.11.2014: Sendesaal Bremen, Bremen
14.11.2014: Goldbeckhaus, Hamburg
15.11.2014: Buchcafe, Bad Hersfeld
16.11.2014: Kreuzkirche, Kassel
Pancur, Andrea & Shneyveys, Ilya
07.01.2015: München, Fraunhofer
25.01.2015: Kaufbeuren, Podium
08.03.2015: Coburg, Cultur im Contakt
30.04.2015: Deggendorf, Kapuzinerstadl
Reinhardt, Dotschy
25.12.2014: Konzert,Jazzport Refugium, Friedrichshafen
29.12.2014: Konzert, Jazzclub, Dornbirn (A)
Reverend Rusty
25.10.2014: D-93486 Runding - Robinson
31.10.2014: D-92353 Postbauer-Heng - KiSH
07.11.2014: D-84533 Haiming - Gewölbe
08.11.2014: D-81541 München - Antons
29.12.2014: CH-9001 St. Gallen - Hotel Walhalla
Souza, Carmen
24.10.2014: Kultur im Esel, Einbeck-Sülbeck
25.10.2014: Offenburg, Salmen
26.10.2014: Bonn, Harmonie
20.01.2015: Koblenz, Cafe Hahn
24.01.2015: Heilbronn, Cave 61
18.07.2015: Fellbach Europ. Kultursommer(D)

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