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21.08.2015Noche Rara von Marina Lledó mit dem Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik ausgezeichnet
11.08.2015Dr. Will gewinnt vierteljährlichen Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik mit Album „Cuffs Off“
11.08.2015Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal präsentieren ihr neues Album „Epistola“ auf ihrer Herbst-Tour durch Deutschland
05.08.2015Mara Aranda mit Album „Mare Vostrum“ in den Top 10 der World Music Charts Europe
22.07.2015Portrait „Weibliche Arabesken“ über Oum im NDR-Radio am Sonntag den 16. August

   Rasgueo: Waterfall
Price: 17.95 €
Cat-Nr.: GMC063
Format: CD
In Stock. Possible shipping date for Germany: 09.09.2015
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Diana Rasina
Romanian Tales Cat-Nr.: BAY010
  The Romanian singer Diana Rasina presents „ Romanian Tales“ - her first album and an impressive overview of the rich Romanian folk music. She found the greatest freedom of expression in her ancestors' music. To her, the unsophisticated, archaic and authentic chant is the pure and direct expression of one's soul. She musically wanders through her homeland accompanied by a cimbalom, a shepherd flute and a double bass telling stories about love, desire, lust for life, fugacity, fate and death.
Price: 17.95 €
Ole Swing
Sueno Gitano Cat-Nr.: YOUKALI098
Price: 18.95 €
Hekla Stålstrenga og Tromsø Kammerorkest
Hjertebank Cat-Nr.: TA128
  Hekla Stålstrenga is a Norwegian folk and folk rock band specializing in North Norwegian traditional music. On the album "Hjertebank" dei play together with Arctic Philharmonic, based in the arctic town Tromsø. They had their first recording as a duo, for which they were nominated during Spellemannprisen, the Norwegian Grammies for "Best folk music band". They later on added lead vocalist Anne Nymo Trulsen, drummer Ole-Jakob Larsen and acoustic bassist Trond-Viggo Solås to become a five-member band. They have been represented in major Norwegian television several times.
Price: 18.95 €
Sigmund Groven
Collection Vol. 2 - Tradition Cat-Nr.: GRCD4502
  2014, Sigmund Groven released his first album - in a series of three - with chosen recordings from his 40 years as a recording artist. The second album is now released; "Tradition". For five decades Sigmund Groven has had an international career as solist, composer and recording artist. He made his recital debut on Norwegian radio in 1965, and his first LP was released in 1975. To celebrate his two anniversaries, Grappa Music Group proudly presents the "Sigmund Groven Collection", a series of 3 CDs. Vol. 1, "Harmonica Hits" was released in 2014. Vol. 2, "Tradition" has a folk-music profile, and vol. 3 will focus on his classical repertoire.
Price: 18.95 €
Mariachi los camperos de Nati Cano
Tradicion, arte y pasion Cat-Nr.: SFW40559
  Grounded in tradition, shaped by artistry, and fueled by passion, Grammy-winning Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano made its name by taking its music to a new realm of creativity and audience engagement. Their fifth Smithsonian Folkways title, Tradición, Arte y Pasión drinks from the well of the expansive “golden age” of mariachi music in the 1940s and 1950s to artfully conjure a sound as fresh and contemporary today as it was then. 39 minutes, 36-page booklet with bilingual notes and photos.
Price: 17.95 €
Heimatlieder aus Deutschland - Berlin/Augsburg Cat-Nr.: GMV063
Price: 18.95 €
Ye Katama Hod (The belly of the City) Cat-Nr.: FY8229
  the new album of the singer and songwriter SABA ANGLANA, artist born in Somalia with Ethiopian roots, now living in Italy. Ye Katama hod speaks of the nostalgia of places and traditions constantly erased by the progress (Tizita ), tells the problem of non-membership (Abebech) and the difficulty to recognize herself (Ma Celin Karo); the resulting individual somatization (Gabriel), loss and reacquisition of innocence (Makaan Yara). A reaction opposes to this dissolution, (Zarraf) and it’s created right there, in the belly of the city. Music to find and reveal the human element, the sentiment that lifts, defends his diversity, his right to tell and resist
Price: 18.95 €
Joan & Motis Chamorro
Feeling Good Cat-Nr.: TCR1326
  ‘Feeling Good’, is a recording of live performances throughout Barcelona. Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro are an unlikely musical team. Born more than 30 years apart, they hail from two very different and distinct musical generations. And yet they are the two primary figures in a series of projects in their hometown of Barcelona since 2010. Along the way,  they have received numerous awards and accolades for their artistic endeavors. A wonderful album with Jazz, Swing and Latin standards that make you feel really good!
Price: 18.95 €
Carmen Souza / Theo Pascal
Epistola Cat-Nr.: GMC064
  „Epistola“ is the Greek and Latin word for „letter“. And as every letter does the album “Epistola” transport a message. Carmen Souza’s and Theo Pascal’s message to their fans is: everyone shall receive their message whoever is open to their music and lyrics. Carmen Souza’s biggest challenge with this album was to present herself to the public as an instrumentalist. She is de facto increasingly noticed as a guitarist. So was she hired to play at the opening of the “Zevener Gitarrenwoche 2014”, a German guitar festival. Besides eight own songs the album contains two cover songs „Moonlight Serenade“ by Glenn Miller and the „Cape Verdean Blues“ by Horace Silver. Carmen Souza has Cape Verdean roots and also won several prices on the islands, but says that she was mostly coined by Jazz and traditional Portuguese music. Featured musicians are the British drummer Shane Forbes, the pianist Matt King from New York, the saxophonist und clarinetist Craig Yaremko and the drummer Zoe Pascal.
Price: 17.95 €
Fannie Lou Hamer
Songs my mother taught me Cat-Nr.: SFW40216
  The 20th child of a Mississippi sharecropper family and a commanding voice of the Civil Rights Movement, Fannie Lou Hamer (1917–1977) stood tall against the brutality, indignities, and intimidation of implacable racism. 47 minutes, 32-page booklet with photos. This recording is the eighth release in the Smithsonian Folkways African American Legacy Series, co-presented with the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.
Price: 17.95 €

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Al Andaluz Project
22.10.2015: Waldkraiburg, Haus der Kultur
23.10.2015: Ansbach, Ansbacher Kammerspiele
24.10.2015: Nauhof bei Leipzig, Altes Kranwerk
25.10.2015: Bremen, Schlachthof
05.11.2015: Puc, Puchheim
El Juntacadaveres
11.09.2015: Ludwigsfelde - Brückefestival (D)
Fei Scho
16.09.2015: Brettl Festival, Hörbach
08.10.2015: Karlsruhe, Scenario Halle
14.11.2015: Bühl, Schüttekeller
Friis, Live Foyn
11.09.2015: Berlin
12.09.2015: Coburg
13.09.2015: Red Horn Destrict (Horn-Bad Meinberg),
Garcia Fons, Renaud
25.09.2015: Darmstadt
02.10.2015: Salzburg/A Jazzit
03.10.2015: Friedrichshafen Casino Kulturraum
07.10.2015: Leipzig
Iven, Miguel
05.09.2015: Weißenfels, Heinrich-Schütz-Haus
Jagun, Eva
13.09.2015: Berlin, Passionskirche, Berlin
27.11.2015: Peißenberg Kulturverein Peißenberg
Knecht, Edgar
25.09.2015: Bad Kissingen, Bismarck's Basement
Larsen, Gjermund Trio
18.11.2015: Nürnberg
19.11.2015: Stuttgart, Laboratorium
20.11.2015: Peißenberg, Kulturverein
19.09.2015: Kesselhaus Lauenau
Souza, Carmen
17.10.2015: Jazzclub Minden
18.10.2015: LeverkusenLeverkusen, Scala
20.10.2015: München, Unterfahrt
22.10.2015: Karlsruhe
23.10.2015: Stuttgart, Laboratorium

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