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20.10.2015Gjermund Larsen live in Nürnberg, Stuttgart und Penzberg
10.10.2015Al Andaluz Project im Herbst auf Deutschland Tour
25.09.2015Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal präsentieren ihr neues Album „Epistola“ auf ihrer Herbst-Tour durch Deutschland
17.09.2015Portrait der finnischen Mundharmonika-Band Sväng auf BR-Klassik ab sofort online
21.08.2015Noche Rara von Marina Lledó mit dem Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik ausgezeichnet

   Rasgueo: Waterfall
Price: 17.95 €
Cat-Nr.: GMC063
Format: CD
In Stock. Possible shipping date for Germany: 02.12.2015
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King Crimson
USA (200g Vinyl + Bonus MP3 Codes) Cat-Nr.: KCLP12
Price: 26.00 €
King Crimson
THRAK – Limited Edition Boxed set (12 CD/1 DVD/1 DVD-A/2 BluRay) Cat-Nr.: KCCBX13
Price: 165.00 €
Grandhotel cosmopolis Cat-Nr.: KM01501
Price: 18.95 €
Davide Salvado
Lobos Cat-Nr.: FOL1070
  Davide Salvado (Marin, 1981) is certainly one of the most charismatic voices of our country. Self-taught, has spent half his life traveling the Galician villages in search of rhythms, songs and dances. Of all those women who were found, he learned not only in music tradition, if not a way of life. Love to all those traditional practices, sewing, basketry, agriculture, respect for the land and language, make the understanding that the Davide singing is more than just music. Now he comes to light his new solo album, LOBOS (WOLVES), produced by Pedro Pascual (Talabarte, Marful), in which Davide is embraced by musicians like Xavi Lozano (Coetus), Quim Farinha (Berroguetto), Miguel Hiroshi or LAR Legido (Sumrrá), among others.
Price: 18.95 €
King Crimson
Thrak (CD/DVDA) Cat-Nr.: KCSP13
Price: 21.99 €
Harri Stojka
98 86 Cat-Nr.: GP005
Price: 18.95 €
Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra
Balkan Reunion Cat-Nr.: 8544135
  Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the BGKO’s irst Balkan Reunion. It has been a while since our irst album Imbarca was published and since then we have constantly been on tour. We were just about to record our second album, preparing material, rehearsing night and day, when a diferent idea occurred. We realised how many great musicians and friends we got to know on tour, people that have been playing their own music for their whole lives. They would often join to play with us, no matter in which country we were. Playing the untold stories, stories of reuniting, reuniting after a life time, although they would just got to know us the same day. It occurred to us that music is one of the miracles that brings people together, people of diferent ages, religions, nationalities or social groups.
Price: 18.95 €
Duo Bottasso
Crescendo Cat-Nr.: VM3004
Price: 18.95 €
Jose-Luis Orozco
!Come Bien! Eat Right! Cat-Nr.: SFW45077

José-Luis Orozco’s ¡Come Bien! Eat Right is an enlightening, engaging, and fun-filled approach to making music for the good of all. His songs for and with children are alive with delightful melodies, tips for smart nutrition, and good humor. All tracks on this recording – his first album with Smithsonian Folkways and produced by Grammy-winning artist Quetzal Flores—appear in Spanish and in English, building basic skills in both languages at the same time showing that it can be fun to eat right — ¡Come bien! 62 minutes, 40-page booklet with bilingual notes.

Price: 17.40 €
King Crimson
Starless & Bible Black (200g Vinyl + Bonus MP3 Codes) Cat-Nr.: KCLP6
Price: 26.00 €

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Riserva Moac: Babilonia - Renaud Garcia Fons / Dorantes: Paseo a Dos - Vidar Busk: Tung Ørn Flyr Lavt - Best of Busk - Adam Douglas: I May Never Learn - Anna i l´ombre de ton chien Roig: Un Pas I Neu I Un Pas - Riccardo Tesi / Lucilla Galeazzi / Elena Ledda: Bellaciao - Myrddin: Rosa de Papel - La GanGa Calé: Cosquillas de Azotea - Unterbiberger Hofmusik: Bavaturka Vol. II - Diana Rasina: Romanian Tales

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