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16.01.2015Carmen Souza im Januar live in Freiburg, Frankfurt, Ravensburg und Heilbronn
13.01.2015"Magic Kamancheh" erhält den Vierteljahrespreis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik
10.01.2015"Iranian Woman" erhält den Jahrespreis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik
16.12.2014Donauwellenreiter am 18.12.2014 bei Jazz Around the World
28.11.2014Fei Scho am 20.12. im Club Ampere, München

   Eva Jagun: Camburi
Price: 17.95 €
Cat-Nr.: GMC056
Format: CD
In Stock. Possible shipping date for Germany: 04.02.2015
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Live Foyn Friis
Running Heart Cat-Nr.: CLPCD138
  They are based in Denmark, a country that warmly has embraced Live and her music as her debut album, Joy Visible was nominated to the Danish Music Awards 2012 for Best Vocal Jazz Album of the year. Live also won the category “The Years Young Jazz Composer in Denmark 2012” and “Denmark’s New Jazz Star” in 2012!?The music is truly original and can be characterized as: playful, airy, lovely and very accessible. She fuses different styles like jazz, pop, electronica, and improvisations into her totally original blend. Something that has been apreciated by musicians like John Scofield, Brian Blade and most of the European jazz/poporiented communities.?
Price: 18.95 €
Music for a while
Canticles of Winter Cat-Nr.: GRCD4458
  The band Music for a While, fronted by Norway’s uncrowned queen of the cabaret, Tora Augestad, are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year by releasing the album “Canticles of Winter”, an album they themselves describe as “a selection of low-key winter songs with a hint of Christmas”. It is miles away from a traditional Christmas record, although some of the loveliest Christmas songs ever written can be heard here. Music for a While’s trademark is the group’s personal, organic and creative approach to the material, regardless of its origins. Whether the point of departure is Kurt Weill’s familiar cabaret melodies or songs and pieces from the classical repertoire, two elements consistently stand out: vocalist Tora Augestad’s vocal control and unique communication skills, and the band’s elegant, seamless and genre-crossing treatment of the material.
Price: 18.95 €
Renaud Garcia Fons / Türkan, Derya
Silk Moon Cat-Nr.: EM0141
  A friendly partnership links these two musicians since a long time, when they met with famous Ney player Kudsi Erguner. In 2006 they were already playing together on the album Minstrel Era dedicated to classical ottoman music with cellist Ugur Isic. Their two instruments, the more little and the among strings instruments, sounds like a true orchestra even if they're only two. Renaud and Derya like lyrical expression and the deep chant from tradition, Oriental and Magam and Cante Jondo from Andalucia. Beyond the classical use of their instruments , they discover together new musical spaces subtle and poetics. A geat emotional moment with an instrumentation never used before.
Price: 18.95 €
Gavino Trio Murgia / Godard, Michel / Heral, Patrice
L´Ultima Mattanza Cat-Nr.: Q1402
  „L’ultima mattanza“ is a decisive comment on the sea, violated, abused, deceived, at the end of a thousand-year history. Gavino Murgia, Michel Godard, Patrice Héral let down intertwi- ned nets of sounds and voices and silences, into the sea to the north of Saint Peter’s Island. They recite ritual prayers, lending rhythm to the ethnic rhythm of ancestral fishing, ferocious, blood-stained red, each time washed away by the sea. Three musicians; a theater, Botti du Shcoggiu; a chef, Second Borghero; and an ethical publisher, Insula, have joined together in this appeal to raise awareness. That the tuna can remain in Carloforte, “la mattanza” remain in Carloforte and in Carloforte remain its history.
Price: 18.95 €
Jetlag Allstars
Vintage Cat-Nr.: Q1403
Price: 18.95 €
Katia Guerreiro
Live at the Olympia Paris Cat-Nr.: UAU002
Price: 20.00 €
Acatao Cat-Nr.: CM1024

Indialucía – an international musical project by Miguel Czachowski, is at the same time one of the best known World Music Fusion bands. It is also the first band which has managed to successfully combine the music of India with flamenco from Andalusia, giving concerts all over the world since 1999. Their second album, Acatao (‘reunited’ in Caló, the old language of Iberian Gypsies), is a continuation of this innovative project on a world scale, a space for intermingling of musical styles and instruments, a place of new musical encounters, never seen so far. This music introduces the listener to the musical culture of southern Spain and different regions of India. The album offers entirely acoustic sound, many well-known virtuosos of ethnical instruments and vocalists from both continents, improvisation and – most of all – the energy of the Spanish flamenco and the energy of the mystic India.

Price: 18.95 €
Serenata Guayanesa
Canta Con Venezuela! Sing with Venezuela! Cat-Nr.: SFW40566
  Serenata Guayanesa is a musical ensemble, but much moreit is a living treasure of Venezuela’s musical and cultural heritage. Founded in 1971 in Guayana, the southeastern region along the Orinoco River, by four college students who liked to serenade family and friends, the group swiftly rose to national acclaim through its pioneering interpretations of music in many different styles of folk music from across Venezuela. Join these masters of folk song performance, and ¡Canta con Venezuela!: Sing with Venezuela! 64 minutes, 40 page booklet with bilingual notes and photos
Price: 17.95 €
Didier Laloy / Adam, Kathy
Belem Cat-Nr.: 5551227
Price: 18.95 €
Blas "El Kejío" & Dominguez Cordoba
Bendito Cat-Nr.: KAR7849
Price: 18.95 €

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Al Andaluz Project
22.10.2015: Waldkraiburg, Haus der Kultur
23.10.2015: Ansbach, Ansbacher Kammerspiele
24.10.2015: Nauhof bei Leipzig, Altes Kranwerk
25.10.2015: Bremen, Schlachthof
Aranda, Mara & Solatge
26.09.2015: Hamburg, Heidbarghof
27.09.2015: Kassel, Kreuzkirche
02.10.2015: Nürnberg
Fei Scho
22.03.2015: Ismaning, Kultur- und Bildungszentrum Seidl-Mühle
25.04.2015: Passau, Scharfrichterhaus
09.05.2015: München, Lange Nacht der Musik
07.08.2015: Zeltfest Unterschleißheim
15.09.2015: Brettl Festival, Hörbach
Knecht, Edgar
25.09.2015: Bad Kissingen, Bismarck's Basement
Larsen, Gjermund Trio
03.07.2015: TFF Rudolstadt
04.07.2015: TFF Rudolstadt
Pancur, Andrea & Shneyveys, Ilya
08.03.2015: Coburg, Cultur im Contakt
25.04.2015: Nürnberg, Villa Leon
26.04.2015: Zug der Kulturen Pilsen
30.04.2015: Deggendorf, Kapuzinerstadl
19.03.2015: Dresden, Dreikönigskirche
20.03.2015: Leipzig-Naunhof, Kranwerk
21.03.2015: Bremen, Sendesaal
22.03.2015: Berlin, A-Trane
18.07.2015: Fellbach Europ. Kultursommer(D)

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