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27.02.2015Daniel Karlsson Trio gewinnt Schwedischen Grammy für „Fusion for Fish“ – wir gratulieren!
20.02.2015Gjermund Larsen Trio gewinnt mit „Reise“ den Preis der Schallplattenkritik
17.02.2015Deeyah im Dänischen Fernsehen über die Attentate in Paris und Kopenhagen
16.02.2015Das finnische Mundharmonika Quartett Sväng erhält den Ethno-Emma Award in Finnland und ist im März wieder in Deutschland
16.01.2015Carmen Souza im Januar live in Freiburg, Frankfurt, Ravensburg und Heilbronn

   Eva Jagun: Camburi
Price: 17.95 €
Cat-Nr.: GMC056
Format: CD
In Stock. Possible shipping date for Germany: 03.03.2015
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Waterfall Cat-Nr.: GMC063
Price: 17.95 €
Curro Pinana
El Alma Lastimada y Otros Poemas Cat-Nr.: KAR7740
  In the past, flamenco singers have been known to adapt themes from poetry known as devotional, however, not until now has a singer attempted to address a colossal task of adapting poems originating from the three great religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This huge undertaking proposed by the Carthaginian singer CURRO PIÑANA more than a decade ago, culminates now in this new recording dedicated to the Jewish culture and, above all, to Ibn Gabirol, the great Sephardic Jew and mystic, whose huge wealth of work had a profound posthumous influence on the writers of the Islamic Spain as well as on later Christian thinkers. No doubt “El Alma Lastimada y otros poemas” is in any case, a piece of joy for any aficionado of good music, the new work of a flamenco singer still young ad with a growing world prestige.
Price: 18.95 €
El Duende, La Luz y La Noche Cat-Nr.: KM00215
Price: 18.95 €
Who´s the Bossa?
The Chamber Music Project Cat-Nr.: CUP8061

Who´s the bossa? is a group of musicians from three different countries who share an equal passion for Brazilian music: singer Josee Koning and pianist Hans Vroomans from The Netherlands, guitarist Nelson Faria from Brazil, and cellist Daniel Pezzotti from Switzerland. They blend Brazilian music with jazz and classical music in a chamber ensemble setting. The result is a virtuoso, yet dreamy, relaxed and swinging album.

Price: 18.95 €
El Zitheracchi
Modernes Raubzithertum Cat-Nr.: CUP8061
Price: 18.95 €
Black Flower
Abyssinia afterlife Cat-Nr.: ZEP021
  With Black Flower, composer Nathan Daems created a remarkable project. The compositions surprise in many ways, creating a true exotic sound with sensual melodies and melancholic feel. The result is an ecstatic party like you have never experienced before. Influenced by artists as Mulatu Astatke, Getatchew Mekurya and Fela Kuti, Black Flower floats in between the borders of ethiopique, jazz, oriental and blues. Soulful music with an eccentric and psychedelic identity.
Price: 18.95 €
Various Artists
Through The Streets of the City Cat-Nr.: SFWCD40212

For more than a century, the signature sound of New Orleans has been the brass band — at once a source of celebration, collective expression, and community pride. New Orleans Brass Bands: Through the Streets of the City , brings together for the first time in one recording three musical generations that represent three dominant styles of brass bands. The 15-track, newly recorded collection spans the full spectrum of New Orleans brass band music, both as it exists today and extending back through the tradition’s history. Featured are the classic sound of the Liberty Brass Band, the modern-yet-traditional Treme Brass Band, and the funk, rap, and “bounce” influenced Hot 8 Brass Band. Together, they offer a dynamic portrait of this vibrant and distinctively American tradition.

Price: 17.95 €
Daniel Trio Karlsson
Fusion for Fish Cat-Nr.: BRUS034

Even before all the songs for Das Taxibåt were mixed we knew that the wait for Daniel Karlsson Trios´s sophomore album would not be long. New music kept popping up, demanding attention, and already in early January this year we once again packed the mobile studio in Daniel´s taxi boat and set up on the island of Runmarö for yet another recording session.

The new album is called Fusion for Fish. It´s fully packed with finely tuned rippling piano glitterings as well as trips in outer space, underwater excursions and intelligently swinging clubby music. Jazz for the 21st century. And since we still prefer to be able to also touch and smell the music we release Fusion for Fish will be out on 180 G Vinyl in a magnificent gatefold cover painted by artist Richard Johansson (, as well as on CD, download and streaming. The trio is still made up of Daniel Karlsson, piano and keyboards, Kristian Lind, double bass and drummer Fredrik Rundquist. Guitarist Andreas Hourdakis makes cameo appearances on two tracks.


Price: 18.95 €
Live Foyn Friis
Running Heart Cat-Nr.: CLPCD138
  They are based in Denmark, a country that warmly has embraced Live and her music as her debut album, Joy Visible was nominated to the Danish Music Awards 2012 for Best Vocal Jazz Album of the year. Live also won the category “The Years Young Jazz Composer in Denmark 2012” and “Denmark’s New Jazz Star” in 2012!?The music is truly original and can be characterized as: playful, airy, lovely and very accessible. She fuses different styles like jazz, pop, electronica, and improvisations into her totally original blend. Something that has been apreciated by musicians like John Scofield, Brian Blade and most of the European jazz/poporiented communities.?
Price: 18.95 €
Music for a while
Canticles of Winter Cat-Nr.: GRCD4458
  The band Music for a While, fronted by Norway’s uncrowned queen of the cabaret, Tora Augestad, are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year by releasing the album “Canticles of Winter”, an album they themselves describe as “a selection of low-key winter songs with a hint of Christmas”. It is miles away from a traditional Christmas record, although some of the loveliest Christmas songs ever written can be heard here. Music for a While’s trademark is the group’s personal, organic and creative approach to the material, regardless of its origins. Whether the point of departure is Kurt Weill’s familiar cabaret melodies or songs and pieces from the classical repertoire, two elements consistently stand out: vocalist Tora Augestad’s vocal control and unique communication skills, and the band’s elegant, seamless and genre-crossing treatment of the material.
Price: 18.95 €

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Al Andaluz Project
22.10.2015: Waldkraiburg, Haus der Kultur
23.10.2015: Ansbach, Ansbacher Kammerspiele
24.10.2015: Nauhof bei Leipzig, Altes Kranwerk
25.10.2015: Bremen, Schlachthof
Aranda, Mara & Solatge
26.09.2015: Hamburg, Heidbarghof
27.09.2015: Kassel, Kreuzkirche
02.10.2015: Nürnberg
Bongo Botrako
03.03.2015: Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer
04.03.2015: Reutlingen, franz.K
05.03.2015: Leipzig, Täubchenthal
06.03.2015: Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
07.03.2015: Berlin, S036
Fei Scho
22.03.2015: Ismaning, Kultur- und Bildungszentrum Seidl-Mühle
25.04.2015: Passau, Scharfrichterhaus
09.05.2015: München, Lange Nacht der Musik
07.08.2015: Zeltfest Unterschleißheim
15.09.2015: Brettl Festival, Hörbach
Knecht, Edgar
25.09.2015: Bad Kissingen, Bismarck's Basement
Larsen, Gjermund Trio
03.07.2015: TFF Rudolstadt
04.07.2015: TFF Rudolstadt
Pancur, Andrea & Shneyveys, Ilya
08.03.2015: Coburg, Cultur im Contakt
25.04.2015: Nürnberg, Villa Leon
26.04.2015: Zug der Kulturen Pilsen
30.04.2015: Deggendorf, Kapuzinerstadl
19.03.2015: Dresden, Dreikönigskirche
20.03.2015: Leipzig-Naunhof, Kranwerk
21.03.2015: Bremen, Sendesaal
22.03.2015: Berlin, A-Trane
18.07.2015: Fellbach Europ. Kultursommer(D)

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